Face is part of our identity, but it is not the “thing” that makes us who we are – (without face you are still someone). Video-installation consist of 12 screens with different images, which describe a day of a girl. But we can’t see her face. At two videos (screens) are revealed two girls (we can see their faces) with the same dress. Can you notice? We can’t be sure, about the body. To whom it belongs? Is it the first girl? Or the second? Is it somebody else? One girl appeared to be on bigger screen – that maked people identify the “headless”  body with her.

This piece is pointing out the fact, that we can’t say according to activities who the person is (or persons are), even if we see what the person is doing. That raises question if face is more important than performed activity. It is partly a game, which suppose to confuses viewers and make them think about the process of identification.

Concept/installation: Tomáš Roček
Performers: Melanie Moser, Martyna Kosiarz

Here are the excerpts of videos.

Installation in Erinevate Tubade Klubi.


Identification was part of the opening of the Test – Fest in Telleskivi which is runned by Heleliis Hoim and Elerin Velling from Test Pop-up Gallery.



Melanie & Martyna at the opening of the exhibition.


Myslef, sharing ideas…


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